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Connecting neighbors and community without internet

What is Speak up City?

Speak Up City is a communication platform that utilizes Bluetooth Mesh technology/peer-to-peer networking API which communicates with ISO and Android devices.

The platform will allow the city to communicate freely with its citizens and be able to collect vital data information such as user’s age, gender, activity, interest, lifestyle and much more. In addition, the city will be able to post notifications, announcements and provide the opportunity to various sectors to utilize the platform for their own use. Also, citizens could use the platform to engage in community activities, discussion forms, housing, services, employment opportunities, classifieds and personal postings. Speak Up City changes the way communities keep in touch and get organized.

What makes it unique?

The platform works without Internet making it the most reliable option during catastrophic emergencies when disruption occurs to Internet and power.

How does it work?

​Speak up City uses the radios inside our phones to connect them directly with one another. In that case (which is also called "offline" or “off-the-grid”), messages will travel up to 70 meters (210 feet) from one phone to the next. 

If there are more than two devices, they will form a network and messages will bounce from one device to the next, thus extending the range of the network. The more people use it, the better the network gets for everybody. 

Nearby Messages

Discover and exchange information with other devices, without having to be on the same local network. Nearby Messages enables seamless nearby interactions such as multiplayer gaming, real-time collaboration, forming a group, broadcasting a resource, or sharing content.

Nearby Notifications

Nearby Notifications is a feature which enables contextual discovery. Associate your website or app with a beacon and devices nearby will display the message in the nearby section of the Settings, light up the Nearby Quick Settings tile on supported devices, and promote messages that perform well as notifications.

Nearby Connections

Discover other devices nearby and create high-bandwidth peer-to-peer connections for real-time cross-device experiences like gaming and file sharing. 

How will this help the city?

​It will allow the city to update all community members at the same time especially during an emergency crises where internet or power is not available.  You can share information or discuss projects or topics in an open space for all members of the community. Speak Up City is well suited for live discussions. Unlike other social networks, it allows everyone to see all the messages in real time, or unrelated content. It accommodates a very large number of users and doesn’t require people to share their phone numbers. This will help create a smart city.

    How to use it?   


  • Download the app or add to an existing app

  • Create your profile

  • Start chatting

  • Create your chatroom

  • Create a private group

  • Invite your community

  •  Features

  • Emergency alerts

  • Easy implementation to an existing dashboard app

  • Public chatrooms

  • Encrypted Messages

  • Following

  • Blocking

  • Sharing files                                       

  • Postings

  • Notifications

  • Ad driven revenue model

  • Notifications

Who will develop the platform?

Moe Masoudi, founder of Moetion Picture Productions is an expert in video production and online marketing, has earned international recognition. His passion and vision has driven him to strive for innovative methodologies within the video production and online field. Moetion Picture prides itself for working with some of the best computer scientists, web/app developers and technical personals to bring any idea to life. Moetion picture has been effectively servicing the entertainment, corporate, government and municipalities in various sectors including the City of Hamilton, the City of Burlington, town of Oakville, town of Lincoln, City of Welland and more. 

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