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Moetion Picture presents a sponsorship opportunity of a produced television/web series called Sports Covenant. Its mandate will be to bring awareness to the show sponsor and a specific sport of interest. Each episode will be poised with drama, action and human interest stories that showcase the birthplace of the featured sport topic along with its founding fathers and how it parallels with the sponsor’s interest.

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Program Description


Season One- Six half hour programming
(22 minutes duration per each episode

Season one takes viewers on a journey from the perspective of the show sponsor telling their stories and their profound connection to a specific sport. The show will highlight their products and services in a snapshot featuring a subject matter which will trigger participation in a sporting event, visiting an actual game, browsing a hall of fame or museum. The visit will then take the viewers on a journey to the past discovering who, where and how the sport was discovered.

The Production


As each sport subject is identified, MOETION will provide videographers to capture all the essential activities that will make for a camera ready produced show. This will include filming personalities of sponsors such as CEOs and/or spokespersons at place of their business, sporting events and/or museums, etc. The action and conversation will then spark the question of where the sport was originally founded. Moetion will travel to various destinations and places, interviewing people and filming locations to provide an unbiased conclusion for each topic. MOETION will work closely with the sponsors and other related individuals to schedule and secure filming in order to capture key moments as they unfold for each episode.



MOETION will aim to reach out to a targeted audience of sports fans, coaches, players, investors and the businesses that are participants of the show. Therefore, the series will appeal to a broad demographic of male and female consisting of youth and adults between 13 and 70. Their geographic locations will be primarily national with the goal of expansion globally to a broader audience based on popularity.

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Where will the series be shown?


There are several distribution channels where the series will be available for viewing. These include web, TV, streaming and educational outlets.

The series will be posted online on YouTube, Facebook and other social media accounts from a broad range of interested parties.


TV Broadcast and Streaming Networks


Local cable stations

MOETION has a strong relationship with local cable stations in several provinces nationwide. The focus would be on increasing the fan base and viewership which would extend into a broader distribution network. The cost to air on cable stations would be no charge.

Streaming networks rely heavily on data compiled to determine the expected hours of viewing each TV show or movie generates over the course of a licensing agreement – establishing a cost per hour viewed. It compares this metric to similar content

arrangements, and it bases final pricing on exclusivity, as well as the time frame of the contract.

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Infomercial type broadcast (Guaranteed broadcast)


They are four main markets to consider: the national, primary, secondary and streaming networks. The national market is the largest, reaching the most viewers, and, accordingly, these networks cost the most. Primary market networks reach a large number of viewers, though significantly fewer than those in the national market. Advertising on these networks costs a fraction of the price of national advertising. The least expensive option to buy infomercial time, the secondary market, also reaches a relatively small number of viewers. The amount spent will determine which cable networks are chosen as well as how much time is bought. The streaming networks are on the rise. However, they are subject to approval. The cost is based on number of times and how much of the content is viewed and it is shared with the producers.

Syndication Type Broadcast (Based on approval of TV Stations)


In broadcasting, syndication is the sale of the right to broadcast television shows by multiple television stations, without going through a broadcast network. The process of syndication may conjure up structures like those of a network itself, by its very nature. It is common in countries where broadcast programming is scheduled by television networks with local independent affiliates, particularly in the United States. In the rest of the world, however, most countries have centralized networks and/or TV stations without local affiliates and syndication is less common, although shows can also be syndicated internationally.
Types of syndication:


First run syndication refers to programming that is broadcast for the first time as a syndicated show and is made specifically to sell directly into syndication (not any one particular network), or at least first so offered in a given country (programs originally created and broadcast outside of the United States, first presented on a network in their country of origin, have often been syndicated in the U.S. and in some other countries);


Off-network syndication involves the licensing of a program that was originally run on network television or in some cases first run syndication: a rerun; these are usually found in stations affiliated with smaller networks like Fox, CW especially since these networks broadcast 1 less hour of prime time network programming than the "Big 3 networks." This usually occurs when a show has built up about four seasons worth of episodes. Successful shows in syndication can cover production costs and make a profit.

Public broadcasting syndication has arisen in the U.S. as a parallel service to stations in the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and the handful of independent public broadcasting stations.

When syndicating a show, MOETION PICTURE, or a distribution company calls a syndicator, attempts to license the show to one station in each media market or area, or to a commonly owned station group, in the country and around the world. If successful, it can be lucrative; but the syndicator may only be able to license the show in a small percentage of the markets.

Syndication differs from licensing the show to a television network; once a network picks up a show, it is usually guaranteed to run on most or all the network's affiliates on the same day of the week and at the same time (in a given time zone, in countries where this is a concern). Another idea is to create the shows and license them to networks at a loss, at least at first, hoping that the series will succeed and that eventual off-network syndication will turn a profit for the show.

A syndicated program is licensed to stations for "cash" (the stations purchase rights to insert some or all of the ads at their level); given to stations for access to airtime (wherein the syndicators get the ad revenue); or the combination of both. The trade of program for airtime is called "barter".

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Educational Outlets

Faculties, librarians, historians and educational facilities can utilize the series to teach students, as well as coaches, players, sporting organizations, and business and administration.

Marketing & Exposure

Without a doubt, video has always been the top of its mark for providing the most amounts of exposure and awareness to any media campaign. Depending on the broadcasting methods (Streamed, Times bought or Syndications) the value of streaming and/or broadcasting a television series with a dedicated fan group could potentially be in millions of dollars in advertising revenue, especially if a syndication deal is in effect.

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The Producer


The video series will be produced by Moe Masoudi, a veteran in the film and video industry and the founder of MOETION PICTURE. Moe has been effectively servicing the entertainment, corporate, government and municipalities in various sectors including several municipalities. Moe has been successfully in produced and launched the distribution of an international television series via the Fox Sports Networks and its affiliates around the world.

For more info about Moe, please check out his Professional Profile.

Achievements & Awards
ACE Award- Advertising Creative Excellence (1997-1999) Recipient of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Young entrepreneur Award (2000) Economic Developers Council of Ontario Awards for ‘Invest TV’ Website (2010) Hamilton Business Improvement Area Community Award (2012

Rights & Ownership

Pending on the agreement there are several ways to establish ownership rights for the program series.

a) The producer owns 100 percent of copyright and its creation. The producer will seek out potential television networks and distribution outlets to secure distribution deals. The funds invested for the development of the program series will be paid back in marketing dollars to the investors from the first distribution deal payout.

b) The investor owns 100 percent of copyright and its creation. The producer will completed thirteen episodes ready for broadcast. The producer will not engage in seeking out distribution deals. It will be entirely up to the investors what to do with the completed project.

Sample Relevant Videos


Moe Masoudi

289 680 0950

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