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Moetion Picture presents an opportunity for a produced television/web series called “Historic Rebuilts.” Its mandate will be to bring awareness to the show sponsor/ participants, be it the garage, technicians,  mechanics, parts supplier, auto body repair shop, paint supplier, towing company, machine shop, an insurance company or anything that specializes in persevering vintage automobiles. 

Each episode has drama, action and human interest stories. The series showcases the preservation of classic vehicles and tells the history of where they were manufactured, how many were made and how many remain.


Program Description
Season One- Six half-hour programming 
(22 minutes duration per each episode)
Season one takes viewers on a journey from
the perspective of the show sponsor, telling
their stories and their profound connection
to a specific car. The show will highlight their
products and services in a snapshot featuring
a subject matter which will trigger their
participation in the love of vehicles, repairing
or rebuilding them. 


The Production
As each subject is identified in the episode, Moetion will provide videographers to capture all the essential activities that will make for a camera-ready-produced show. The series will highlight the personalities of sponsors such as CEOs, mechanics, and spokespersons at the place of their business or location of their choosing. The action and conversation will then spark the question of how the process of repair or rebuilding takes place. Moetion will provide a narrator to guide each story to become more compelling and educational. Moetion will work closely with each sponsor and other related individuals to schedule and secure filming to capture critical moments as they unfold for each episode.


Moetion has made it easy for each sponsor/participant to only give what they can of their own time or sponsorship. Therefore we can schedule shooting around your timeline. Understandably business must go on, and we do not intend to hinder any slowdown or take away from your company. 

The sponsor/participant may commit to only one day or a few hours of shooting. The producer will allocate the time given by each participant/sponsor to each episode based on the time provided for each shooting schedule. 

The more you are involved, the more coverage you will receive within the show. You would like to take on the complete mechanical needs of one car; therefore, you will appear more in the episode/s.

Who pays for what?

Moetion will find the cars and purchase them from prospective buyers. Ideally, everyone participating in the show contributes by providing time (labour), products and services.
If there are areas where the car needs certain parts or special needs where the sponsorship is not available or applicable, Moetion will cover the expense required to complete the project.




Since this is a collaborative project, everyone is responsible for working together towards a common goal of restoring a piece of history. There is no monetary benefit since there is no cash sponsorship is available. The series will mention your contribution during the show or via product placement. The advertising value of reaching a local, national and global audience is much greater than its monetary value. 

Those who participate in the show will receive exposure on multiple social media platforms and TV. You can also use specific clips to help promote your own business. The funds and/or time invested for the development of the program series will be paid back in marketing dollars to the investors, sponsors and participants from the distribution deal payout.

MOETION will aim to reach out to a targeted audience of car enthusiasts and similar businesses participating in the show. Therefore, the series will appeal to a broad demographic of primary males and some females consisting of youth and adults between 16 and 70. Their geographic locations will be local and national to expand globally to a broader audience based on popularity.



Where will the series be shown?
There are several distribution channels where the series
will be available for viewing. These include web,
TV, streaming and educational outlets.
We will post the series online on YouTube, Facebook and other
social media accounts from many interested parties.
TV Broadcast and Streaming Networks
Local cable stations
MOETION has a strong relationship with local cable stations in several provinces nationwide. The focus would be on increasing the fan base and viewership, which would extend into a broader distribution network. The cost to air on cable stations would be no charge.
Streaming networks rely heavily on data compiled to determine the expected hours of viewing each TV show or movie generated over a licensing agreement.


Educational Outlets
Faculties, librarians, historians, and educational facilities can utilize the series to teach students and coaches, players, sporting organizations, and business and administration.

Marketing & Exposure
Video has always been at the top of its mark for providing the most amounts of exposure and awareness to any media campaign. Depending on the broadcasting methods (Streamed, Times bought or Syndications), the value of streaming and broadcasting a television series with a dedicated fan group could potentially be millions of dollars in advertising revenue, especially if a syndication deal is in effect.

The Producer


The video series will be produced by Moe Masoudi, a veteran in the film and video industry and the founder of MOETION PICTURE. Moe has effectively serviced the entertainment, corporate, government and municipalities in various sectors, including several cities. Moe has been successfully produced and launched the distribution of an international television series via the Fox Sports Networks and its affiliates worldwide.

For more info about Moe, please check out his Professional Profile.

Achievements & Awards
ACE Award- Advertising Creative Excellence (1997-1999) Recipient of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Award (2000) Economic Developers Council of Ontario Awards for ‘Invest TV’ Website (2010) Hamilton Business Improvement Area Community Award (2012

Rights & Ownership

The producer owns 100 percent of the copyright and its creation. To secure distribution deals, the producer will seek out potential television networks and distribution outlets. 


Apply For Historic Rebuilts

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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